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Corporate Security Consulting Services
ACG-Security,  is a full spectrum global executive security consulting service. We provide clients with professional security consulting services in all aspects of security to include assessments, risk management, security services, executive protection, cyber security, organizational management, armed high risk security, facility security, investigations, surveillance, as well as training and consulting services. ACG-Security has the experience to handle all aspects of your security concerns.
ACG-Security is a division of Achilles Consulting Group (ACG) LLC, Alexandria, VA. ACG, LLC is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB), being a Veteran owned company we bring the same morals and ethical values from our former military lives to the business world. We accomplish the mission on time every time, with the most professional results.
ACG-Security Consulting Services is an elite Security and Crisis Management Consulting Company providing executive protection for clientele that deserve only the most professionally trained, licensed, insured and certified security consultants.
ACG Security Consultants are experienced in all areas of security, Executive  Protection, identifying threats, and working through emergency situations. Most of ACG’s Security Consultants average about 15-20 years of background in Executive Protection coming from the ranks of  Law Enforcement, Emergency Response Teams, Military, Special Operations and other first responder organizations. With ACG Security Consultants you can be assured you have some of the most elite trained and professional security services for you, your business, facilities, or your family.
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  • Professionally Trained – ACG recruits our professional security consultantsfrom the ranks of elite Law Enforcement agencies, Special Operations Forces, Intelligence Community Agencies,and First Responder Units. We provide continuous training for our professionals and ensure only the very best services for our clients.
  • Exceptional Service – ACG Security Personnel are professional, customer oriented and understand how to provide “executive level” services. Although professionally trained, we understand the best way to get the job done is in a professional courteous manner. We understand when and where we need to assert ourselves to get the job done.

  • 24 hour services – ACG Security  Consultants will be there when you need them, providing only the best Consulting and Executive Protection Services.
  • Advanced Drivers Training – ACG Security Consultants possess advanced driving skills to allowing them to react properly and professionally to any situation

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